Research & Codes

Here we bring together in one place active research we are engaged in. Much of this takes the form of computational essays which, in our case, are in Python-based Jupyter notebooks and interactive JavaScript based Observable notebooks

We’ve organised our work in a mind map below to make it convenient to navigate through various concepts. We’ve also written research posts to provide a more chronological view of our work - these include a concise overview of a concept and a reference to the corresponding notebook.

We are building a community so we’d love you to get involved. You can of course contact us directly - we are very friendly ? .

image/svg+xmlQuantumNuclearNano Two statesystems Particle in a “box” Nuclear reactions Particle moving in aharmoinc potential An isolated two state system Perturbing atwo state system A two state systemin a quantised field Spin bosonmodel Excitation transfer Nuclear energetics Particle tunnelling through a barrier Enhanced tunnelling of a quantum particle